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Roundabout is a social enterprise headed by volunteers. We provide a free service connecting those who wish to give, be that monetary or otherwise, to those in need. Started in 2008, we were the first charity store in mainland China. We now give support to more than 80 charitable organizations in the Beijing area and many more throughout China, Inner Mongolia and Mongolia.
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Roundabout was started by Leslie Simpson, an ex-pat who had been volunteering in a foster care home in Beijing for over 3 years. There Leslie saw the effort that was involved in sorting donations, finding new homes for items they could not use, throwing away sub standard goods etc… It was an enormous drain on the already over-stretched staff and volunteer time. There was a clear need for a place that would do all that work for them, and so in 2008 Roundabout was born.
At the end of 2013 Leslie and her family left China and Roundabout was passed into the very capable hands of Becky Wang & Mary Kate Brown.
We offer assistance by either directly passing on the items you have donated or by selling them in our retail store to raise funds. Store proceeds pay for medical costs for orphans and others less fortunate, sheltered housing for the elderly, warm blankets, food and other basic needs items for distribution.

Our overhead costs are also covered by store sales meaning that 100% of all monetary donations passed to us goes directly to help people in need.

A vital part of our work is acting as an information hub connecting potential donors with needy causes.
We provide aid to a wide range of people, including the elderly, children in orphanages and from poor families, mentally or physically challenged people and women from disadvantaged backgrounds.
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