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Published on:2015-09-06

Juan Zi, Roundabout’s celebrity supporter, invites you to join our once-a-week vegetarian meal for charity.

Vegetarian Diet for Charity

Vegetarian Diet for CharityJuan Zi, Roundabout’s celebrity supporter, invites you to join our once-a-week vegetarian meal for charity.

Roundabout has set up a “vegetarian fund” & we ask that you support this initiative by donating what you would spend on meat to it . The fund will be used to pay for life-saving medical care for sick children in China. For each meal we recommend a donation of 20 yuan. Money from 1500 vegetarian meals would be enough for a heart surgery ; 2000 meals saves a premature baby; 3000 meals enables a match in the bone-marrow bank for a leukemia child.

Together we can make incredible things happen.

韩乾翔综合图Han Qianxiang was born prematurely weighing  760g at birth & has been in the loving care of China Little Flower Orphanage.  Roundabout  paid for his hospital bills & volunteers and CLF nurses gave him 24-hour love. Look how big Qianxiang has grown!


Song Zihan was diagnosed with leukemia age two and has spent his childhood in several hospitals receiving chemotherapies and various treatments, and finally a bone-marrow transplant. Many doctors had given up on him, but with his mother’s love & dedication  and Roundabout’s  support Zihan is on his way to a full recovery!


Liu Yuhan, a beautiful little girl was in a fatal traffic accident last November that killed her mother  and left her badly wounded. Roundabout has been able to help with her medical expenses. Liu Yuhan has undergone several reconstructive surgeries and is now able to walk.

These are just a few of the children that Roundabout has been able to help with the support of everyone. We hope to see more people joining our Roundabout Vegetarian Fund so we can help many children in need & give them a chance of a future.

Set a reminder on your smartphone: from September 7-9, Tencent – WeChat’s parent company – is set to give away RMB 100 million to charity. For three days they will match, yuan for yuan, every donation made to participating charities on their WeChat fundraising platform. Beijing-based Roundabout is taking part to raise funds for their numerous projects which help children get necessary medical assistance.

Tencent has earmarked September 9 as a new day of giving in China and hopes to inspire it’s users to donate to charitable causes, not just on that date, but throughout the year. beijingkids spoke to Becky Wang, director of Roundabout, who hopes to raise RMB 1 million from donations with RMB 1 million matched by Tencent.Here’s how to take part on September 9 
Note: You need WeChat wallet to donate. Find out how to set it up 

Step by Step

1. Search for Roundabout’s official account: roundabout666, add the account then look at the bottom of the screen to see this:

2. Click to find the fundraising projects.

3. Click on the last project on the list

4. Click on the button the left to go to the donation page.

5. Donate one of the pre-selected amounts (RMB 20, 50, 100, 500) or write the desired amount in the space below. Then click on the orange button to go to the confirmation page.

6. Click on the green button to confirm your payment.

7. If you wish to see share your donation certificate to inspire others to donate, then click on the pop up window’s orange text.

8. The donation certificate doesn’t show how much you donated just that you donated.

Roundabout Vegetarian Fund
The idea behind Roundabout’s Vegetarian Fund is to “cut-back and donate.” Members of the public are asked to cut-back on meat, eat a vegetarian meal, and donate the approximately RMB 20 saved to the Roundabout fund via WeChat.

Whether you manage to go meatless or not, please donate to Roundabout fromSeptember 7-9. The money raised goes towards helping to treat sick children; for example previous recipients of funding have had heart surgery, bone-marrow matching, respite care, specialist medical care for premature babies, and more.

Since November 2014, Roundabout is eligible to receive public funding in China under the China Charities Aid Foundation for Children (CCAFC), but all funds raised under CCAFC and intended for Roundabout will go directly to the charity.

Thanks to Beijing Kids. Please click the link below  to check the original page @ Beijing Kids.

More fundrasing on Tencent platform: :

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