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Published on:2013-10-13

Earlier this year Meng Guo Fan lost her daughter to liver failure and now she has ovarian cancer

How much sadness can one family take.

Last year we supported this family by providing funding for their daughter, Meng Cai Xiu, to have a liver transplant. Cai Xiu really should have had surgery when she was a toddler but was unable to do so due to poverty. By the time she was twelve she was desperately thin with an enormously swollen tummy. Sadly Cai Xiu did not make it as she was too frail and her tiny body could not cope with the transplant. You can read more about her in the “gallery of our work” page.

Now we have learnt that her mum has ovarian cancer. The family are still recovering from losing their daughter and have no funds – absolutely nothing.

We have already paid the 15,000rmb for her to have surgery to remove the cancerous cells and ovary. We now need to find 60,000rmb to pay for her chemotherapy. This figure may rise depending on how her body reacts.

Thank YOU for helping us to help this family through yet another difficult time.


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