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Published on:2013-09-18

We now have a safe connection in the Gansu earthquake area and have began to send much needed supplies.

Our first trucks have now reached the Gansu earthquake area and distribution has taken place in an area where 5,000 people have been affected in some way.

Our trucks contained clothing, footwear, blankets, back-packs, school supplies and toys and more.

We also passed 30,000 rmb via our ” person on the ground ” to purchases basics such as flour, rice, oil and fresh water.

The Children’s House Montessori Kindergarten generously donated 17,421 rmb  of which 100% was used towards this cause. We are so grateful to everyone at the Kindergarten who made this possible.

Also 2 young 10 year old boys, David Quimby and Diego Pittorino, grade 5 at The International School of Beijing, used their juggling skills to raise money at their church and donated a fantastic 527rmb which was also used for this cause.

The remainder of the money came from store sales within Roundabout.

There are still many more people in need and so if you would like to help then please do get in touch and we will update you on current needs. Thank you.



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