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Published on:2013-02-20

Heaven has another angel as we mourn the loss of Meng Cai Xiu

This sweet girl entered our lives in April 2012 when a Dutch expat, Desiree Smits, read about her case in an international newspaper and asked if we could find her and help.


With the help of the media we were able to track down her family and offered to pay for her medical costs. Soon she was in hospital in Beijing where doctors tried hard to assess what was causing the enormous swelling of her tummy.


Many tests, many months and a change of hospital later and doctors decided that a liver transplant was the only way that our precious girl had a chance at living. Her mum was a match but as she was so undernourished and frail she could not be a donor. Meng Cai Xiu was too exhausted to get out of bed and spent her days playing with the toys we brought her and sleeping. My daughter, Lily from China Little Flower, and I visited as often as we could and we became close.  She was a sweet, kind, gentle and polite little girl.

After several months on the transplant waiting list a donor was found and the surgery went ahead.


Initially Meng Cai Xiu looked as though she was going to accept the transplant and we were all very excited indeed, but then her tiny body started to protest to the added strain. Internal bleeding and other complications occurred. Sadly Meng Cai Xiu was just too frail to make it and she passed away in her sleep. The last thing she told her mum was that she loved her.


Helping her parents on the day they lost their daughter was the hardest thing I have ever done, what comfort can you possibly give?

My daughter and I often talk about her and hope that our dog is playing with her in heaven. She touched the hearts of many and will never be forgotten.

Sleep in peace sweet angel,

Leslie xx

Our sincere thanks to ANZA, ChungMiao and all others who gave Meng Cai Xiu a chance by providing funding and to Lily from Little Flower Projects for all her help and care. Her family are eternally grateful,

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