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Published on:2013-03-22

In September 2010 we had a really fun day raising money to purchase special wheelchairs for children in orphanages who have brittle bone disease. The special chairs are designed to help these kids to move around much easier. The lovely girls from Agape  ( home for children with brittle bone disease ) and Bread of Life came over to sell all their delicious baked goods with proceeds going to their home.

We kept a chart and every time we raised another 1,500 rmb we stuck a picture of a wheelchair on it. Some people were really generous and purchased whole chairs outright.  The whole store was full of books and toys for sale with every rmb going towards chairs. The atmosphere was wonderful. In the end was raised enough to buy 32 chairs.

The chairs had to be purchased in the USA or UK as they were not available in China. To save money volunteers hand carried them over. Our special thanks goes to British Airways for allowing several people free excess baggage allowance in order to carry over the chairs.

Thank you also to Keith from Agape for arranging distribution of the chairs to the orphanages.

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