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Published on:2017-05-11

On a much anticipated night, the anxious students of Beijing International Bilingual Academy (BIBA) Middle and High School along with the Grade 5 Junior Pop Band gathered at the Shine Hills Club to perform in their first ever, BIBA Rocks 4 Roundabout Charity concert. With a goal to fill the venue with wonderful music for an excited audience, the atmosphere was immediately full of the students’ energy.





Busy volunteers from Roundabout and BIBA all readied the stage and seating areas for what was sure to be a great evening. Food came in from Manna restaurant, wine poured in from Cheers, and Life and Family Organic produce provided succulent fruits and snacks!The event went very well according to many who attended from BIBA, Roundabout.


图片1 图片2



1. Solar Flare
2. Chamber Music Ensemble
3. Electro-Acoustic-Ensemble
4. Beginning Music
5. Jazz Band
6. Jr. Pop Band
7. IX Lives
8. Leopard’s Bedlam
9. Shrimps and Bananas

This list was impressive not only for their range of music and creative names, but for their high quality music and ability for many students to play multiple instruments throughout the night with various groups. Audience members ranged from very young children sitting in the front to some grandparents also came to hear the performances.


海嘉6 海嘉9



BIBA happily supported the night to rais money for 4-year-old Muhe Sanai who is in need of a corrective heart surgery.This surgery and recovery will prove quite costly for her family and the goal of the evening was to raise 40,000 RMB. Based on funds raised during the evening (nearly 24,000 RMB) and a generous donation from BIBA PTA, we can proudly say that the goal of 40,000 RMB has been met!





Thank you to sponsors, Manna, Cheers, Mr. Guo from Life and Family Organic produce, and especially Shine Hills for providing the space and support for the event. The many volunteers from Roundabout as well as BIBA are what made the night run smoothly, and the support and love from the community is what made it a success!



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