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Published on:2017-04-01

The first ‘Students’ Fundraising Competition’ was successfully concluded & the award ceremony was held at Beijing New Talent Academy on February 26th.


The Roundabout Special Fund with CCAFC (China Charities Aid Foundation for Children) & Beijing Tong Xin Yuan Charity Foundation partnered for this event.


The students & their instructors first had a session of orientation of fundraising techniques. Then they were taken to visit four young leukemia patients & their families at Lu Dao Pei Hospital in Yanjiao, Hebei Province. There they were able to learn about each child’s story through interviews and information collection so they could go back and write up fundraising articles and prepare fundraising activities under the guidance of group mentors assigned to them.


The participating students came from 4 international schools in Beijing & have raised fund in total of 98,576.52rmb.


BIBA’s team (Beijing International Bilingual Academy) consists of Luke Hamlin, Sarah He, Fabian Yang. Daniel Tang & mentor Ou Siqi. They have raised 27,159.84rmb to support Zhong Xuemei (FUNDRAISER LINK) ” Let the Angels Continue to Paint”.




Beijing New Talent Academy’s team consists of Gao Beichuan, Zhou Liya, Wang Xu, Ma Boyang, Mi Zixing, Chen Chang & mentor Lu Wenli. They have raised 30,900.65rmb to support Xu Huan Rui (FUNDRAISER LINK) “Kindergarden, please wait for me”.



Beijing World Youth Academy’s team consists of He Rumpei, Tang Haochen, Tian Ruotong, Wang Yuchen & mentor Zhang Cui. They have raised 24,530.02rmb to support (FUNDRAISER LINK) “Meng Mao has transplant infection & hopes to be rescued”.



Dulwich College Beijing’s team consists of Yan Yixuan, Zhou Hailun & mentor Li Xiaoming. They have raised 15,986.01rmb to support (FUNDRAISER LINK) “Veggie Baby hopes to live”.



All participating students were awarded with community service certificates issued jointly from not only Roundabout and Tong Xin Yuan, but also their parents organizations: China Charities Aids Foundation for Children, and China Social Welfare Foundation.


On behalf of Roundabout, Director Becky Wang said ‘ It’s easy to do charity. All you need is a loving heart and a pair of helping hands. Together, let us help more children, one at a time. And the world will become a better place.’


Hui Dan, Chairman of Beijing’s Tong Xin Yuan Charity Foundation, thanked students, teachers, parents & volunteers for their hard work & dedication & made special mention of the young patients’ families who “remain optimistic in the most difficult of times.”


Beijing New Talent Academy Principal Wang Jian stated that “The students are doing a great thing & this is beyond a life education class. They share the life journey with these young patients & their families.”

Roundabout hopes the students have learned the basic ways of fundraising during this first session. Roundabout also hopes that as students of our first session, these students will join the next fundraising competition session where they’ll take the lead of their group and Roundabout will provide them with more leadership skills and more fundraising techniques.


Roundabout is accepting application for the second session of Students’ Fundraising Competition right now. The application deadline is April 5th. On April 8th, students for the second session will be taken to Ludaopei Hospital again to visit their little patients so that they will be able to start their fundraising efforts soon. This fundraising session will run through the summer and the beginning of September. All the participating students will have a chance to participate in the Tencent Giving Day (September 7,8,9) fundraising event which has become the largest fundraising event of the year.

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