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Published on:2013-10-24

Our book fair currently running at the LACC, Sanlitun Soho will close FRI 25th Oct at Noon.

We sincerely apologise for the short notice, but due to circumstances outwith our control our book fair will close a few days earlier than previously advertised.

The last day of the fair is now FRIDAY 25th Oct at NOON.

We are sorry for any inconvenience caused and thank all those people who supported this fair.

The total amount raised will be announced soon.


Please do come along to the LATIN AMERICAN CARIBBEAN CENTRE from 10am – 3pm where you will be able to purchase books from our huge range – actually, make that ” ENORMOUS ” as we have thousands of books in many genres and for all ages.

Paperbacks from 10rmb, hardbacks from 20rmb and kids books from as little as 1rmb.

Many languages, but primarily English.

All books are second hand, gently used.

Then from SUNDAY 13th OCT – 27th OCT you may still pop into the centre to purchase books. 10am – 11pm.   New books will be added every few days.


This book fair will be very kindly hosted by : THE LATIN AMERICAN CARIBBEAN CENTRE,

Latin American and Caribbean Centre
J Space Media Centre
Sanlitun Soho, Building 5, B1 – 510
LACC Phone: +86 15811325578

北京朝阳区三里屯 SOHO 5座B1—510.






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